Thothapuri chapter 2 Kannada movie review , songs, trailer

Thothapuri, Chapter 2 is a Kannada comedy-drama film directed by Vijay Prasad and starring Jaggesh, Dhananjaya, Aditi Prabhudeva and Suman Ranganathan in the lead roles. The film is a sequel to Thothapuri: Chapter 1, which was released in 2022. The film continues the story of five friends from different backgrounds who face religious discrimination and stereotypical judgments in society. The film is based on a story by Vijay Prasad, who also wrote the dialogues for the film.

The film revolves around the lives of tailor Eere Gowda (Jaggesh), his assistant Nanjama (Hema Dutta) who is from an oppressed caste, ‘Donne’ Rangamma (Veena Sundar), a hard-working breadwinner for the family, Shakeela Banu (Aditi Prabhudeva), a Muslim girl who loves Gowda, and Victoria (Suman Ranganathan), a nun who falls in love with Narayan Pillai (Dhananjaya), a Hindu boy who works for an NGO in Africa. The film shows how they overcome the challenges posed by their families, communities and society at large, while maintaining their friendship and love. The film also has a cameo appearance by Ramya as herself.

The film has many reasons to watch it, such as:

  • The film showcases the director’s knack for humour, eliciting laughter from the audience throughout the film. The script is rich with double meaning, delivering a light-hearted yet rib-tickling viewing experience. The impeccable portrayal of characters, coupled with expressive body language, enhances the comic impact of the dialogue.
  • The film has a catchy music composed by Anoop Seelin, who has given some melodious songs such as ‘Thothapuri’, ‘Nee Nanna’, ‘Ondu Ondu’ and ‘Ninna Hrudaya’. The songs are well-written by Yogaraj Bhat, Kaviraj and Jayant Kaikini, and sung by popular singers such as Sonu Nigam, Shreya Ghoshal, Vijay Prakash and Sanjith Hegde. The songs blend well with the mood and theme of the film and add to the entertainment quotient of the scenes.
  • The film has excellent performances by the lead actors, especially Jaggesh and Dhananjaya. Jaggesh portrays the role of Gowda with sincerity and conviction, showing his versatility as an actor. He brings out the emotions of love, pain, guilt and hope with ease. Dhananjaya impresses with his performance as Pillai, who is a noble and compassionate person who loves Victoria unconditionally. He also displays his skills as an actor in different languages such as English, Hindi and Swahili. Aditi Prabhudeva and Suman Ranganathan also deliver noteworthy performances as Banu and Victoria respectively, who are strong-willed and independent women who love life.

The film also teaches some valuable lessons to the viewers, such as:

  • The film shows that love is not bound by religion, caste or creed, but by respect, trust and understanding. Gowda and Banu love each other despite belonging to different religions. They also respect each other’s beliefs and customs. Pillai and Victoria love each other despite having different lifestyles and backgrounds. They also trust each other’s choices and decisions. They both show that love is not about differences, but about similarities.
  • The film shows that friendship is not affected by external factors, but by internal bonds. Gowda, Banu, Nanjama, Rangamma and Victoria are friends who support each other in times of need. They also share their joys and sorrows with each other. They do not let their families or society interfere with their friendship. They also stand up for each other against injustice and discrimination. They show that friendship is not about convenience, but about commitment.
  • The film shows that one should be proud of their identity and culture, but not be prejudiced or intolerant towards others. Gowda is proud of his profession as a tailor and his culture as a Kannadiga. He does not feel inferior or superior to anyone because of his occupation or origin. He also appreciates other cultures and languages. He learns English from Victoria and Swahili from Pillai. He also respects other religions and castes. He shows that one should be confident of their identity and culture, but not be narrow-minded or hateful towards others.

Thothapuri: Chapter 2 is a film that tickles your funny bone with its comedy and touches your heart with its message. It is a film that makes you laugh, cry, smile and think. It is a film that you should not miss.

Thothapuri chapter 2 Kannada movie review , songs, trailer
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