Royal Mech Kannada movie review , songs , trailer

Royal Mech is a Kannada movie that tells the story of Dhanush, a young engineering graduate who becomes a food delivery boy due to certain circumstances. His dream is to become an IAS officer, but will he be able to achieve it, and what challenges will he face on this journey? The movie stars debutant Dhanush Madhavan and Shravya Rao in lead roles, along with Raghavendra Rajkumar, Vinaya Prasad, Rekha Das, Kuri Prathap, Ramesh Bhat and many others in supporting roles. The movie is written by Dhanush himself and co-directed by Nagabooshan Janthagal and Dr. Jayadeva Hassan.

Here are some reasons to watch the movie and lessons from its story:

  • The movie is inspired by a real-life incident that the actor-writer Dhanush encountered during the pandemic, when he needed to fix his laptop and contacted a hardware technician who was also working as a food delivery boy. This situation made him think about the challenges faced by food delivery boys, despite their educational qualifications, and motivated him to write a script addressing the issues these individuals encounter and portraying the aspirations of a middle-class boy pursuing his IAS dream.
  • The movie showcases the struggles and hardships of food delivery boys, who have to deal with traffic, weather, customers, and low wages. The movie also highlights the social stigma and discrimination they face from their families, friends, and society, who look down upon them for doing a menial job. The movie portrays the dignity and pride of these workers, who do not give up on their dreams and ambitions, and try to make the best of their situation.
  • The movie also depicts the importance of education and career guidance for young graduates, who often lack the proper guidance and support to pursue their goals. The movie shows how Dhanush, who has a passion for mechanical engineering, is unable to find a suitable job in his field, and has to settle for a food delivery job. The movie also shows how he prepares for the IAS exam, with the help of his mentor Raghanna, played by Raghavendra Rajkumar, who is a retired IAS officer. The movie emphasizes the need for mentorship and guidance for young aspirants, who can benefit from the experience and wisdom of their seniors.
  • The movie also explores the themes of love, friendship, and family, and how they influence Dhanush’s journey. The movie shows how Dhanush falls in love with Siri, played by Shravya Rao, who is a journalist and a social activist. The movie shows how their relationship grows and faces challenges, as they have different perspectives and goals in life. The movie also shows how Dhanush’s friends, played by Kuri Prathap, Neenasam Ashwath, and Pawan, support him and motivate him in his endeavors. The movie also shows how Dhanush’s family, played by Vinaya Prasad, Rekha Das, and Ramesh Bhat, react to his decision to become a food delivery boy, and how they cope with the social pressure and expectations.
  • The movie is a motivational and inspirational story, that encourages the viewers to follow their dreams and passions, and not to give up on them, no matter what obstacles they face. The movie shows how Dhanush overcomes the challenges and difficulties in his life, and achieves his goal of becoming an IAS officer. The movie also shows how he uses his position and power to bring positive changes in the society, and to help the people in need. The movie is a tribute to the spirit and resilience of the youth, who have the potential to transform the world with their vision and determination.

Royal Mech is a movie that is worth watching, as it offers a realistic and relatable story, with engaging and convincing performances, and a message of hope and optimism. The movie is a celebration of dreams and determination, and a reminder that nothing is impossible, if one has the courage and conviction to pursue it.

Royal Mech Kannada movie review , songs  , trailer
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