Vasanthakalada Hoogalu Kannada movie review , songs , trailer

Vasanthakalada Hoogalu, which means “Springtime Flowers” in Kannada, is a romantic drama film that revolves around the love story of two teenagers, Surya and Suma. The film is directed by Sachin Shetty, who also wrote the screenplay and the dialogues. The film stars Jaya Vijaya, Nandish Ganachari and Sachin Rathod in the lead roles, along with Radha Bhagavathi, Ramesh Rai Kukkuvalli, Pavan Bharadwaj and others in supporting roles.

The film is set in a small town in Karnataka, where Surya (Nandish Ganachari) is a bright and cheerful student who loves to play cricket and guitar. He falls in love with Suma (Jaya Vijaya), a beautiful and innocent girl who is his classmate and neighbour. Their love blossoms in the backdrop of the spring season, as they enjoy the beauty of nature and each other’s company. However, their love life faces a challenge when Surya gets into a conflict with Shekaraiah (Sachin Rathod), a local MLA who is corrupt and arrogant. Shekaraiah tries to humiliate and harass Surya and his family, and also threatens to separate him from Suma. How Surya and Suma overcome this obstacle and protect their love forms the crux of the story.

The film is a refreshing and realistic portrayal of teenage love, which is often ignored or trivialized in mainstream cinema. The film captures the innocence, purity and intensity of young love, and also shows the struggles and sacrifices that come with it. The film also highlights the importance of family, friendship and social values, and how they shape the lives of the characters. The film also has a message of courage, honesty and justice, and how they can triumph over evil and corruption.

The film has many reasons to watch and enjoy, such as:

  • The chemistry and performance of the lead pair, Jaya Vijaya and Nandish Ganachari, who are newcomers to the industry. They have done a commendable job of portraying their characters with sincerity and emotion, and have won the hearts of the viewers.
  • The direction and screenplay of Sachin Shetty, who has shown his talent and vision in making a simple and engaging story. He has also written some witty and meaningful dialogues, which add to the charm and humour of the film.
  • The music and songs of the film, which are composed by Sachin Shetty himself. The songs are melodious and catchy, and suit the mood and theme of the film. The songs are also well picturized and choreographed, and showcase the scenic beauty of the locations and the expressions of the actors.
  • The cinematography and editing of the film, which are done by Sachin Shetty and Pavan Bharadwaj respectively. The film has a crisp and smooth flow, and does not drag or bore the viewers. The film also has some stunning visuals and shots, which capture the essence and splendour of the spring season and the rural landscape.
  • The supporting cast and crew of the film, who have contributed to the overall quality and appeal of the film. The film has some memorable and relatable characters, played by seasoned and talented actors like Radha Bhagavathi, Ramesh Rai Kukkuvalli, Pavan Bharadwaj and others. The film also has some skilled and dedicated technicians and artists, who have worked hard to make the film a success.

The film also has some lessons and takeaways for the viewers, such as:

  • The value and beauty of true love, which is not based on superficial or materialistic factors, but on mutual respect, trust and understanding. The film shows how love can inspire and motivate people to achieve their dreams and goals, and also how love can heal and comfort people in times of pain and sorrow.
  • The importance and strength of family, which is the foundation and support system of every individual. The film shows how family can provide guidance, protection and encouragement to the members, and also how family can stand united and fight against any adversity or injustice.
  • The need and responsibility of social awareness and activism, which is essential for the welfare and progress of the society. The film shows how social issues like corruption, violence and discrimination can affect the lives and rights of the common people, and also how people can raise their voice and take action against such evils.
  • The virtue and power of honesty, courage and justice, which are the pillars of a good and dignified life. The film shows how honesty, courage and justice can help people to overcome their fears and challenges, and also how honesty, courage and justice can prevail over dishonesty, cowardice and injustice.

Vasanthakalada Hoogalu is a film that deserves to be watched and appreciated by everyone, especially by the youth and the lovers of romance. The film is a refreshing and realistic take on teenage love, which is rare and precious in today’s world. The film is also a celebration of the spring season, which is a symbol of hope, joy and renewal. The film is a treat for the eyes, ears and heart, and will leave the viewers with a smile on their face and a warmth in their soul.

Vasanthakalada Hoogalu Kannada movie review , songs  , trailer
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