Sugar Factory Kannada movie review , songs , trailer

Sugar Factory is a Kannada romantic comedy movie directed by Deepak Aras, who has also written the story and screenplay. The movie stars Darling Krishna, Sonal Monteiro, Adhvithi Shetty, and Ruhani Shetty in the lead roles, along with Rangayana Raghu, Shilpa Shetty, and Sundeep Malani in supporting roles. The movie is produced by R. Girish under the banner of Balamani Productions and distributed by Jayanna Films. The music is composed by Charan Raj and the cinematography is done by S.K. Rao.

Reasons to watch the movie

  • The hilarious plot and the dialogues: Sugar Factory has a funny and quirky plot that revolves around a challenge between two friends, Arya and Adithi, who pretend to be in love with each other in front of their friends at a pub. However, things get complicated when they start developing real feelings for each other, and also get involved in a series of misunderstandings and mishaps. The movie has some witty and hilarious dialogues, written by Chethan Kumar, that will make you laugh out loud. The movie also has some situational comedy and slapstick humor, that will keep you entertained throughout.
  • The chemistry and the performances of the lead actors: Sugar Factory has a talented and charming cast, who have delivered excellent performances in their respective roles. Darling Krishna, who plays Arya, has shown his versatility and charisma as an actor, and has also impressed with his dancing and action skills. Sonal Monteiro, who plays Adithi, has proved her talent and beauty as an actress, and has also showcased her singing and comedy skills. Adhvithi Shetty and Ruhani Shetty, who play the roles of Arya’s and Adithi’s friends respectively, have also done a commendable job, and have added more fun and spice to the movie. The chemistry and the romance between the lead pairs are also adorable and realistic, and will make you root for them.
  • The music and the visuals: Sugar Factory has a catchy and melodious soundtrack, composed by Charan Raj, who has given some hit songs in the past. The movie has four songs, namely, Sugar Factory, Hangover, Nee Nanna, and Ondu Ondu, which are sung by popular singers like Vijay Prakash, Sanjith Hegde, Shreya Ghoshal, and Sonal Monteiro. The songs are also well-picturized and choreographed, and suit the mood and the theme of the movie. The movie also has some stunning and colorful visuals, captured by S.K. Rao, who has used the locations and the settings effectively to create a vibrant and lively atmosphere.

Lessons from the movie

  • The importance of friendship and love: Sugar Factory shows the value and the power of friendship and love, and how they can make one’s life happier and better. The movie shows how Arya and Adithi, who are initially strangers, become friends and then lovers, and how they support and care for each other, despite their differences and difficulties. The movie also shows how their friends, who are also their partners in crime, help them in their journey, and how they share their joys and sorrows with them. The movie teaches the viewers to appreciate and cherish their friends and loved ones, and to be honest and loyal to them.
  • The importance of being oneself and having fun: Sugar Factory also shows the significance of being oneself and having fun in life, and not to worry about what others think or say. The movie shows how Arya and Adithi, who are both free-spirited and adventurous, enjoy their lives and do what they love, without caring about the society or the norms. They also have fun and make fun of themselves and others, without being mean or rude. They also learn from their mistakes and try to improve themselves, without losing their essence or identity. The movie teaches the viewers to be themselves and to have fun in life, and not to take things too seriously or too personally.
Sugar Factory Kannada movie review , songs , trailer
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