Marichi Kannada movie review , songs , trailer

Marichi is a Kannada movie directed by Siddhruv Siddu, who made his debut as a director with this film. The movie stars Vijay Raghavendra as an investigative officer who is on the hunt for a cunning serial killer who leaves clues and challenges the police. The movie also features Sonu Gowda, Abhishek Das, Gopal Deshpande, Aruna Balraj, Spandana Somanna, and Niviksha Patil in supporting roles.

The movie is said to be a thrilling crime drama that involves suspense, excitement, and twists. According to the director, Marichi tells an engaging love story filled with suspense and excitement. The movie focuses on the challenges faced by the detective and explores how the case is solved, along with the misuse of technology in a medical setting

The title of the movie is derived from Hindu mythology, Marichi, the son of lord Brahma. The director said that he chose this name because he wanted to create a character who is smart and cunning like Marichi. He also said that he wanted to show how technology can be used for good or evil purposes in this film.

The movie has received positive reviews from critics and audiences alike. The critics have praised the performances of Vijay Raghavendra and Sonu Gowda as the lead pair, as well as the technical aspects of the film. They have also appreciated the unique concept of using evidence tactics in this film. The audiences have enjoyed the action-packed scenes and the intriguing plot of the film. They have also liked the music direction by Jyothi Sandeep and cinematography by Manohar Joshi.

Some of the reasons to watch Marichi are:

  • It has a gripping storyline that keeps you hooked till the end.
  • It has a talented cast that delivers excellent performances.
  • It has a creative director who brings out his vision through his work.
  • It has a refreshing take on crime fiction that explores new avenues.
  • It has a catchy soundtrack that enhances your mood.

Some of the lessons from Marichi are:

  • Technology can be used for both good and evil purposes depending on how it is used.
  • Crime does not pay and justice will prevail in due time.
  • Love can be found in unexpected places and situations.
  • Courage can overcome fear and doubt.
  • Friendship can be stronger than any obstacle.

Marichi is a must-watch for all Kannada movie lovers who enjoy crime thrillers with a twist.

Marichi Kannada movie review , songs , trailer
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