Politics Kalyana Kannada movie review,songs,trailer

Kannada cinema has a rich tradition of making movies on politics, ranging from satire to drama to comedy. One of the recent movies that has caught the attention of the audience is Politics Kalyana, directed by Kavi Rajesh and produced by Ganesh Krishnamurthy. The movie is a hilarious take on the politics of Karnataka, featuring a star-studded cast of senior and junior artists.

The movie revolves around the life of a young man named Ganesha, who is a loyal supporter of a popular politician named Prahalad. Ganesha works as Prahalad’s secretary and helps him in his campaigns and elections. However, things take a turn when Prahalad decides to run for the chief ministerial post against his rival leader named Raman. Ganesha finds himself in a dilemma as he has to choose between his loyalty to Prahalad and his love interest named Shobha.

The movie showcases the various aspects of Karnataka politics, such as corruption, nepotism, media manipulation, public opinion polls, election rallies, etc. The movie also pokes fun at the political leaders and their personalities, such as Prahalad’s charisma and popularity, Raman’s cunning and opportunism, Shobha’s intelligence and courage, etc. The movie also features some memorable dialogues and scenes that will make you laugh out loud.

Some of the reasons to watch this movie are:

  • The movie has a talented cast that includes veteran actors like Dr. Varadaraaju DN, Vijay Bhargav, Divya Gowda, Devaraj, Achyuth Kumar, T. S. Nagabharana, Sudha Belawadi, Sudharani, Tabla Nani, Mimcry Gopi, Govinde Gowda and Ganesh Rao. They have delivered their performances with ease and grace.
  • The movie has a witty script that is written by Prahlad himself. He has tried to narrate politics of Karnataka with humour and satire. He has also given voice to some important issues that affect the people of Karnataka.
  • The movie has a catchy soundtrack composed by V Manohar. He has also acted in the movie as one of the characters. He has sung some songs that are melodious and relevant to the theme of the movie.
  • The movie has been shot in five days at a convention hall in Bengaluru. The director Kavi Rajesh has done justice to his vision and creativity.

Some of the lessons that can be learned from this movie are:

  • Politics is not everything in life. There are other things that matter more than power and fame.
  • Politics can be fun if done with honesty and integrity.
  • Politics can be influenced by emotions rather than facts.
  • Politics can be changed by people’s voice rather than violence.

Politics Kalyana is a movie that will entertain you as well as educate you about Karnataka politics. It is a must-watch for all Kannada cinema lovers who enjoy comedy-drama genre.

Politics Kalyana Kannada movie review,songs,trailer
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