40 tips for a happy life , anandamaya balvege nalavathu sutragalu

  1. We have two hands and one mouth. This signifies we have to work more & eat less appropriately. Also we have two ears to listen more and talk less !
  2. Always use "Please" while asking your fellow beings or family members a favour. Always say "Thank you" once the work is done.
  3. Try to play tennis by holding bats in both hands !! It doesn't work out isn't it.  Always use one hand to serve others  ( in this context serving means to help others )
  4. Do not go after learn business techniques, learn the business
  5. Keep a credit card in your pocket and use it only for emergencies when you do not have money . Do not use it as a debt card.
  6. Do not make any decisions or take actions on anyone when you are angry.
  7. Do not speak out secrets in public. Even walls have ears !!
  8. Do not always play to win ! Play to enjoy the game ! If you are a loser , forget there itself.
  9. Always try to lose when you are playing with your children. We are not affected by losing , but are encouraging our children to grow smart & big.
  10. There is a saying husband & wife quarrel & comprise till going to sleep after dinner. So better to say sorry to each other before sleeping for a sound sleep !!
  11. For a street singer , god has given the capacity to him to sing. You should also feed to this capacity
  12. An old man during his final moments showed his desperation of not visiting Kashi and died with the same depression. So if you have any wish to visit some place , plan it this week , this month or this year. Decide today !!
  13. Always its better to say 'I dont no' for things which you really don't no. To say something about the matter without knowing is not fair and to convey something wrong information is really bad.
  14. If your friend asks you some money , lend it only if you can. Do not treat as debt but give it as friendship. If we returns back, feel happy about it. If he doesn't feel pity on him & take care next time. Do not keep asking him again & again on the debt , you may lose friendship & sometimes both !!
  15. Do not make mistakes ! Always say Sorry , Excuse me when mistakes happen ! Do not repeat them again. !!
  16. Always congratulate your fellow beings or friends on any prize/gift they have received . This could be by meeting them or speaking to them.
  17. If you are a grand mother or grand father and have grand children you are very fortunate. Spend your time with your grand children. Allow them to speak to you. Give them a small gift. Many people do not have this fortune!
  18. Everyone gets hurt in some form.  But you should not hurt someone.
  19. If you loose any good opportunity , keep faith , move on , make way and you can utilize the next good opportunity. Do not  get depressed about the lost opportunity.
  20. Anything you receive something nice . always try to remember the source which made it nice . You may get receive it still better next time !!
  21. Make some free time for you by keeping away leaving your work / mobile / Book / TV and spend alone thinking about you.Look for a park/hill nearby your house. This would sometimes keep you relaxed.
  22. If you want to be happy , keep your fellow beings & other happy. This applies to friendship, Love & Business.
  23. Miracles exist everywhere. If you are earning more than your fellow being of same class, then its a miracle isin't it.
  24. If someone is spreading false information about you, better to meet them & ask the reason & guide them. If the reason is valid, better you should correct them immediately. So that there is no further spreading!
  25. Fame & Felicitations are like butterfly. If you go after them in the purpose to catch them , they keep moving . Its better we do our work , earn the glitter & let them come to us !
  26. We may be at working in a lower positions at office . But at home if you are the family elder , behave like an elder.
  27. If we love someone deeply and do not have words to express the feeling with them , sometimes we may express it by work or gift. We should observe , whether they also do the same !!
  28. If you have received any good service , along with saying thanks , better to shake hands or pat on the back or through a small gift. But make sure this does not embarrass them !!
  29. We may not be able to avoid bad birds flying over our home , but we may avoid by not feeding them in our home. (applies to every bad being ) !!
  30. We should learn to use our heads while forgiving ourselves and use our heart while forgiving others.
  31. If we are cheated from some person, we call him a cheater. But we again get cheated from the same person , we have cheating prone !!
  32. Do not expect praise to come to you anytime.
  33. If money is lost , its nothing much. But if confidence is lost , its a lot to matter !!
  34. Sometime we learn from our mistakes so it does not mean we have to keep making mistakes to learn. We should also learn from others mistakes
  35. Before speaking - think - Is this real , Is this going to help someone , Is this going to hurt anyone and then speak.
  36. We are bound to pay respects to our elders , however by showing respect to our juinors , we will create great impressions in their mind about us.
  37. Plan the work and work the Plan. If you do not know what work to do , what you will do ??
  38. Making big money is a good idea. But this should be done in the right way, else its a sin. Desire of having all money unto only you is also a sin !!
  39. If you give little more bonus , praises , compensations which people would have expected, you may expect a still better service next time.
  40. Keep smiling & talk politely