Chanakya neethi - Part 2

21) A wise man's duty is ; to marry his daughter in high family , to give high education to sons , to introduce the enemy to some fatal addiction and to get his friend engaged in some noble task.

22) If you were to choose between an evil person and a snake to keep company with , opt for the snake. Because the snake will bite you only in self-defense but the evil person will put a bite for any reason and any time or always.

23) In dooms day conditions even seas cross their limits and submerge the land but noble characters have more depth than even the seas. At no time they cross their limits in whatever the conditions of troubles and calamities

24) An industrious person can never be poor, always keeping god in mind keeps one away from sin, the silence does not let quarrels appear and an ever vigilant person has no cause for fear.

25) Too much beauty got Sita kidnapped , Too much echo got Ravana killed ,too much charity got Raja Bali in deep trouble. Too much of anything is bad. Stay away from too much.

26)What is the use of siring good for nothing sons who bring pain and sorrow? One son who takes care of the family is enough. The whole family is happy and safe with him.

27) Indulge son upto the fifth year of his age, cane and rebuke can be used for the next ten years. But when he enters 16th year of age , then on he must be treated as a friend by the father.

28) Where stupid people are not honoured , where foods and grains are stored safely , and where man and woman do not quarrel, in such places descents laxmi,  the goddess of prosperity and wealth.

29) The following six things are living funeral for a man; to live in a village of bad characters, to work for an evil family , to get bad food to eat , a short tempered wife , a foolish son and a widowed daughter.

30) A good wife is one who is pious , expert in household chores , true and faithful to her husband and who never speaks a lie to him

31) Learning without exercise is poison , a meal without an appetite is poison , living in soceity of a poor man is poison and for an old husband , a young wife is poison.

32) A man must quit a religion that does not preach love and kindness. Similarly one should leave a teacher who has no knowledge to import, a woman who has short temper and relatives who have no love to give.

33) A wise person must always keep in mind the following thoughts being pondered over. How is the time treating me ? How many true friends I have made ? How is the place I live at ? How much do I earn and how do I spend ? Who am I and What I am capable of ?

34) The biological sire , the priest who performs new born's birth rights , the teacher who imparts education , the food provider and protector ; the above five are one's fathers.

35) The wife of the king , the wife of the teacher , the wife of the friend , the mother of the wife and the biological mother , these five are one's mother figures.

36) The fire is god of two castes , God of sages lives in their hearts. God of fools and slow brains live in Idols. But those who have unprejudiced vision , they see God everywhere and in everything.

37) The purity of gold is tested by , rubbing , cutting , heating and pounding. Similarly a man's quality can be tested by his gentlemanliness, manners ,  dealings and character.

38) Troubles should be feared of only till they do not show up right in front of one. That is time when efforts should be made to avert their arrival. But if they come , it is no time for fearing. It is time to fight back boldly instead of being afraid.

39) The charity destroys poverty. Good behaviour keeps troubles away. The wisdom washes away ignorance and stupidity. Devotion to God expells fear.

40) Infautuation is the most sickening disease. Greed is the biggest enemy. Anger is rge worst fire. And knowledge is the most comforting possession.

41) A man comes into this world alone . Alone does he get the reward of punishment for good deeds or sins respectively . And alone he departs for heavenly abode.

42) The rain over ocean , feeding a person who is already fed , giving donations to rich and lighting up lamp in broad daylight , these are meaningless exercises.

43) In this world nothing lasts forever. The money comes and then goes. The life goes . The soul goes. The youth goes. The only thing that stays firm is the faith.

44) You can win over a greedy by offering him money , a proud person by cowering before him , a fool by agreeing with him and a scholar by speaking truth

45) Skill is a man's friend in a foreign land. A good natured wife is the man's best friend. Medicine is a sick man's friend. And charitable deeds are one's only friend after death.