Chanakya Neethi - Part 3

46) A born blind can't see , so does a man blinded with passion of love. A drunkard can't see what is good or what is bad. And a selfish man is also blind to the evil of his actions done to aceive the selfish goal.

47) It is better to have no state instead of having a bad state. Better to have no friends instead of having evil friends. Better to have no pupil instead of having bad pupil. Better to have no wife instead of being husband of a bad wife.

48) Whatever the project a person has to execute, the lion teaches us to begin it will full thirst of your power and not to relax till the task is completed.

49) A clever man must concentrate his attention on his goal, just like a crane. When it spots a fish it stands immobile, eyes fixed on the target.

50) The cock imparts four lessons , rising early , being ready to defend or attack, giving due share to others and grabbing own share of food.

51) The crow teaches to make love in privacy , to be obstinate , to collect things for later use, to be ever alert and to not trust anyone fully.

52) When dog gets food , it overeats. If it does not get to eat anything, it is not worried. It just goes to sleep contentedly. But even a slight noise wakes it up. The dog is a very loyal pet and never is shy of fighting ferociously

53) The donkey teaches us 3 things , to work tirelessly for the master , stoicism and contentedness.

54) Do not be too simple and too straight . Go to the jungle to see how the smooth and straight trees have been cut down mercilessly but the crooked ones  stand unharmed.

55) A wise person must not reveal on others ; the loss of money ; the deep wound of heart ; scandal of family ; the incidents of getting cheated & insulted.

56) A person who is shameless (bold) in the matters of dealings in money or trade, learning some art or skill , eating and behaviour , is a happy one.

57) A real happy man is a man whose mind is at peace and the heart is content. Running around to amass wealth and money can't give happiness.

58) Be content with what you have already got as wife, food and income. But don't ever be content with your knowledge , self-improvement & charity

59) Money earned must be spent to keep it in circulation. Put it to good use which is the best protective investment. The water of pond has inflow and outflow systems. That keeps its water clean.

60) Those are heavenly living on earth who show following signs, charitable nature , polite behaviour , faith in God and readiness to serve with good foods.

61) A dog's tail can't cover its shame. And it is not made for driving away flies or mosquitoes . So is little knowledge of a man.

62) A polite talker , pure at heart , self - disciplined and compassionate to all creatures, these are the sings of one who is qualified for Nirvana.

63) In this world , those who desire only wealth are lowly people of lowest level. Those who desire wealth and respect are people of middle level. The persons of highest level only desire honour and respect.

64) Studying Vedas without performing yagnas is worthless. Yagna without charity is useless. A fully committed spirit is essential for any religious act.

65) God and Lords are not found in wooden or stone idols. They remain in the souls of human beings. It means where human pray god with full fair and devout, the god itself appear there.

66) No blessing is greater than peace. No joy is greater than contentment. No disease is worse than greed. No religion is greater than mercy.

67) Good qualities enhance beauty, gentle manliness gets credit to the family, practical implementation is tribute to learning and spending is honoring the money.

68) This earth is in agony of being crushed by the heavy burden of animal humans in the form of ; flesh eater , drunkards , idiots and uneducated.

69) The world respects the wise ones, the scholars. The wise ones get honored and rewarded with riches. One can get anything through learning. It is worshiped everywhere.

70) In virtual hell are those who are short-tempered , harsh talkers , poor, quarrelsome , friends of evil people and who serve lowly men.