Chanakya Neeti

Chanakya Neeti

Chanayka neeti is a significant book which can guide a person to achieve goals of life and reach new heights of success. When Chanakya's thoughts can make a common boy into a magnificent emperor   Chandra Gupta, why can't they benefit others as well ? One may not become an emperor literally , but still can crown yourself with a successful life - full of achievements.  

Chanakya was no beauty in the physical sense. The detractors had no hesitation in proclaiming that he was ugly. But the beauty is only skin deep. Down below he was a solid mass of intellect , brains , creativity , originality , thinking prowess , learning , statesmanship and masterly over-skills in planning and diplomacy, never seen before in one person. His brilliance brought some light to the darkness of the hopeless medieval India.His thoughts are as valid for a common man as they are for a king.

We bring to you one of the finest collection of Chanakya thoughts in our blog to reach out this great man's message to everyone in the world.

Chanakya Neethi - Part 1

Chanakya Neethi - Part 2

Chanakya Neethi - Part 3

Chanakya Neethi - Part 4

Chanakya Neethi - Part 5

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