Chanakya Neethi - Part 5

91) The destruction of following persons is certain; who overspends due to having no foresight to budget his expenditure, who is physically weak but has tendancy to pick up quarrels and who is desirous of having affairs with all kinds of women.

92) If a man were to live life of mere three quarters of an hour , he should live it doing good turns. But , in any world ,  a life of thousands of years , spent in committing sins is worthless.

93) Let the bygones not worry you and dont fear the future.The wise ones concentrate on making good use of the present.

94) One who is infatuated with someone or something faces a threat from the same someone or something. Because it has become his weakness. It breeds a host of problems and worries. Give up infatuation if you want to be happy and in control of yourself.

95) One who prepares oneself to meet the impending danger saves himself successfully and tides over any problem. He is happy. But the one who leaves everything to fate thinking that whatever will be , will be , gets perished.

96) All the desires are impossible to fulfill. The fate can't grant all of them and the efforts fall short. The best alternative is to learn and be content with what one gets.

97) O man , if you want to win this world with just one act, then don't let your tongue speak ill of any other person .That is it.

98) A man must not become vain upon doing charity, penance , gaining knowledge , cultivating politeness and on becoming worldly wise. Because in this world , is full of gems who excel in these fields and are far more accomplished. There is always one better.

99) Do not stay too close to; the king , the fire and the women. It's dangerous. But do not stay too far off them. It will gain you no rewards. Just keep hovering around at a safe distance.

100) A real wise man is who , knows how to talk according to the situation , speaksd in a manner befiting his fame and grace and shows anger according to his power to handle the consequences.

101) A wise man must not reveal anything about ; formula of ones private medicine , one's own religious resolves, family blemish , sexual acts, bad food taken and the ill talk heard.

102) For a well-planned and organised life one must; live religiously , earn money and save, store food grains , keep life saving and first aid medicines in domestic stock and act upon the advice of the teacher.

103) A teacher who introduces his disciple to God , leaves an unpayable debt on his pupil . For , there is no enough precious thing or enough amount of money that can pay this debt.

104) There are only two ways of dealing with the evil persons or thorns; Crush them under your boot or Stay far away from them.

105) One who wears dirty clothes , keeps his teeth filthy , is glutton , speaks foul language and oversleeps, gets ignored by the prosperity, health , beauty and grace. Even God can't afford the above shortcoming.

106) If a weary , dead tired and hungry traveller stumbles in to a home, after a long journey , hoping for some food and rest, but the home owner does not care to welcome the guest and show inhospitality, sits down to take his own meal ignoring the guests, such a man certainly is a real Charlatan of meanest order.

107) Sandalwood does not stop being fragrant even if it is chopped to pieces. The bull elephant does not stop mating even in old age. The cane does not not lose sweetness even when crushed or extruded. Similarly a man of class doe not stop being a gentleman even in poverty.

108) The knowledge merely copied from books which is not properly imparted by a teacher is bastard knowledge. It is a illegitimate as a child conceived by a woman from a man other than her husband. Such knowledge is never recognized by any faculy of scholars , the same way as a bastard is not respected in the society.

109) Something which looks too far off to achieve , intangible and too high to attain , can be reached through perseverance , dogged effort, hard work and single minded devotion. Nothing is impossible. Even God is just a true penance away.

110) Those people whose hearts have warmed up to the desire of doing good for others get blessed with riches at every step and their troubles get blown away.