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Beet Root Health benefits - known as natural Viagra !!

Beet Root Health benefits
Of the vegetables we consume , Beet Root is one such root vegetable which we get at lesser price and has many nutrients which is beneficial to our body health. Used in curries , ice creams , sambars , Halwa , Juice , Jellies etc it has many benefits preventing many diseases. 100gm of beet root contains - 10 gm of carbohydrate , 2gm protein , 18gm of fat , 4gm of vitamin C , Iron, Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium and other vital components.  Some of the benefits of regular use of Beet Root -

  1. 500gm of Beet root juice is beneficial for Blood pressure and helps in keeping it steady for 6 hours . Its Nitrate ingredients help is easy flow of blood through veins.
  2. Regular use is useful for pregnants which aids in good growth of the child.
  3. Helps in reducing Osteoporosis disease which usually troubles bones and teeth.
  4. Its also a strength drink for those who exercise. Beet root juice mixed with little sugar and lemon for taste when taken reduces tiredness , stress and fills in good energy for sport activities. With just one glass of beet root juice , one may travel up to 4 kms without much tiredness.
  5. For digestion and Blood related disorders similar to Garlic , Beet root too is beneficial due to its Nitrate content which aids in Hemoglobin increase
  6. The Nitric acid and Boron contents it has triggers sex hormones. It aids in the expansion and easy flow of blood streams. Its also known as a Natural Viagra
  7. Those who are suffering from Anemia - regular use of Beet root mixed with Apple juice and Honey helps in good flow of blood
  8. Regular use of Beet root helps in reducing Breast cancer by 12.5% due to its Betacyanin  contents
  9. Helps in reducing pains related to excretory organs when taken along with Cucumber , Carrot in equal proportions
  10. Regular use of Beet root 3-4 times in a week helps in reducing Obesity , Heart related disorders , Gastric problems , Nerve strength . For Diabetics , its considered as controlled Insulin
  11. It supplies good amount of nutrients to the brain , helps in smooth flow if brain nerves . Also aids in good sleep
  12. One cup of beet root has 58 calories which does not increase one's weight , aids to shinning Hair and smooth Skin.
  13. To preserve the nutrient percentage in Beetroot , its recommended to boil it moderately - then store it in fridge and then consume

An article by Sri Ramakrishna