Beauty tips - Wet Hair - Dos and Donts

Hairs increase the beauty of a woman.  To have a strong & silky hair is every woman's desire. It is common nowadays to visit Beauty parlors to increase the hair beauty. At the same time , it is very essential to take care of wet hair after having a head bath / shower. 

Hair bifurcation , Weak Broken hair , loss of hair  , Dandruff are some of the common problems observed if proper hair care is not taken.  You should take proper care to preserve your hair growth . Especially how you take care after a head bath / shower matters a lot .

Below are few tips which may help you to take care of your hair after a head bath

Stop combing hardly
When trying to combing hardly pressing the hair , it results in hair bifurcation and may result in hair loss. Stop combing when the hair is still wet and prevent it from getting damaged

Don't use hot air
Using hot air from Hair dryers for a wet hair may further lead to hair damage . Direct hot air may result to hair dryness and may cause Dandruff.

Don't go out immediately after head bath
Hair may become rough if exposed directly to sunlight . It may suck up the softness of hair and may also result in headache and hair loss. Those with gollop hair must note this point.

Straighten using Fingers
Wet hair is 3 times less stronger than normal hair Use your fingers to straighten wet hair.

Use less tightened bands
Wet hair will be very subtle or delicate in nature. Hence avoid using tight hair bands as it may result in hair loss.

Avoid using towel for long time
Using towel for long time may result in unnatural drying of hair and may suck up the mositure immediately which may reduce its softness

Don’t use comb
You must think twice before using a comb for wet hair . Preferably use a comb with wider teeth . Long teeth combs may damage hair & cause hair loss

Do not massage on a wet hair . Always taking a head bath it is always recommended to allow the hair to dry naturally.

An article by SRB