Prasanna Venkatadasaru Kannada movie songs

Prasanna Venkatadasaru is an upcoming Kannada movie that depicts the life and teachings of Sri Prasanna Venkata Dasaru, one of the most prominent Haridasas of Karnataka. Haridasas were devotees of Lord Vishnu who composed and sang devotional songs in Kannada, spreading the message of bhakti, peace and harmony.

The movie is directed by Madhusudhan Havaldar, who had earlier made Sri Jagannatha Dasaru, another biopic of a Haridasa. The movie is based on a book written by Rekha Kakhandaki, a descendant and scholar of Prasanna Venkata Dasaru. The movie is produced by Mathambuja Movies and Sudha Swamirao Desai.

The movie stars Prabhanjan Deshpande as Sri Prasanna Venkata Dasaru, Vijayanand Naik as Raganna, Vishnutirth Joshi as Lord Srinivasa, Devrath Joshi as Narahari Theertha, Lakshmi as Lakshmamma and Leela Anilachar as Rukmini Bai.

The movie traces the journey of Venkanna, an orphaned child who faces many hardships and challenges in his life. He finds solace and guidance at the feet of Lord Srinivasa, who blesses him with the name Prasanna Venkata Dasaru. He then travels across Karnataka, singing the praises of the Lord and inspiring people with his wisdom and compassion. He also faces opposition and criticism from some orthodox sections of the society, who do not appreciate his unconventional approach to spirituality.

The movie promises to be a visual treat, as it showcases the rich culture and heritage of Karnataka in the 18th century. The movie has been shot in various locations such as Raichur, Hampi, Anegundi, Bagalkot and others. The movie also features some melodious songs composed by Vijay Krishna D and sung by various artists.

It is a must-watch for all those who love history, culture and devotion.

Reasons to watch Prasanna Venkatadasaru

- The movie is a rare opportunity to learn about the life and legacy of Sri Prasanna Venkata Dasaru, one of the greatest Haridasas of Karnataka.
- The movie showcases the beauty and diversity of Karnataka's landscape, architecture and art forms.
- The movie has a powerful message of love, faith and service, which is relevant for today's times.
- The movie has a talented cast and crew, who have put in their best efforts to bring this story to life.
- The movie has some soulful music that will touch your heart and uplift your spirit.

Lessons from Prasanna Venkatadasaru

- The movie teaches us to trust in God's grace and guidance, even in the most difficult situations.
- The movie teaches us to be humble, compassionate and generous towards all living beings.
- The movie teaches us to respect and appreciate the diversity of beliefs and practices in our society.
- The movie teaches us to be courageous and confident in expressing our convictions and values.
- The movie teaches us to seek happiness and peace within ourselves, rather than in external things.

Prasanna Venkatadasaru Kannda movie songs

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