Chanakya Neethi - Part 4

71) If you wish for deliverence , give up bad habits and bad addictions considering them poison, Partake the nectar of forgiveness , tolerance , patience , piety and the truth.

72) The student , the servant , the traveller , the starving person and the guard be woken up if found sleeping at duty. Dont ever wake up a sleeping ; serpent, king , tiger, pig , child, other's dog and fool. Leave them asleep.

73) Offering to god a self made garland, applying sandalwood paste made by own hands and singing self-written prayer, earns one the riches of the heavens as reward from God.

74) In poverty , the patience makes the poverty bearable. Even an ordinary piece of cloth looks good if kept clean. If food is not rich and tasty, eating it fresh and hot makes it tolerable. Similarly a good character makes up for the lack of physical beauty.

75) A moneyless man is not poor if he has got the riches of learning. A man who has no learning is the poorest , even if he has money.

76) Animals are those people, who have no learning , who have never done penance, who are not charitable, who have no skill , no politeness and no mercy. They are beasts in human form.

77) It is no use to give wise advice to persons who have no capacity to receive or imbibe. The fragrant winds coming from the forest of sandalwood trees do not aromate the bamboo groves which continue to be offensive smelling.

78) The birds of several species, shapes , sizes and colors converge on a tree in the evening to spend the night. In the morning all fly away in different directions. In the same way all relatives come together in a family and then go their ways when the time comes. Why grieve for one another on seperation ?

79) A student who remains homesick learns nothing. People who eat flesh have no mercy. Persons who have greed for money are no truthful. And one who is a debauch cannot attain piety.

80) No amount of pilgrimage and temple going can redeem a person whose mind is filled with evil desires. Similarly as a wine container does not become clean even after going through the fire of furnace.

81) A true student of education must refrain from love , anger , infatuation , delicacies , preeening, the entertainment shows , oversleeping & flattery

82) The bees which collect honey with such exemplary courage and hardwork , also have to repent if they don't give away some honey because it gets destroyed. Similarly people who amass wealth and don't put the money to good use like in charity , lose it in various ways. The kings and men of riches who generosuly gave away their money earned glory and fame that still survives.

83) Drop by drop a pitcher gets filled. Similarly a little by little collection of money, learning and good acts become great treasures.

84) Blessed is a home where; the sons and daughters are obedient , the housewife is sweet toungued , the man is hard working , the money is wages of honesty , the friends are sincere, the wife is truly loved , the servants are faithful , the guests are welcome to overwhelming hospitality, God is worshipped, sweet dishes and refreshing drinks are always available and where holy teachers descend to provide enlightening discourses.

85) This world is kept going by the goodness of people who are polite and gentle to their near and dear ones, who deal wil compassion to the deserving , show no mercy to bad people , who are respectful to the scholars , who bravely face the powerful , who display reverence to gurus , parents and spiritual teachers and who tackle women using cleverness instead of foolishly putting complete trust in them.

86) You whose hands are unaccustomed to charity, whose ears never pay heed to the sermons of the holy scriptures, whose eyes never focus on saints, whose legs have not led the way to any pilgrimage centre , who has not looked after his parents or teachers, who has lived on the money earned through unjust means ; O such man of over blown ego ! You jackal like character ! You are the lowliest of the low! You are condemnable. Leave that life of shame and spare this world! You are better dead than living !!

87) A saint once said about his family - Truth is my mother, Knowledge is my sire, Religion is my brother , Mercy is my sister, Peace is my wife and Tolerance is my son.

88) This body does not last forever, the wealth does not stay at one place, the death is always hovering around. So everyone must live religiously and engaged in good deeds.

89) A person who sees mother in the woman of another man, who values the wealth of others as nothing more than rubbish and who sees his own soul in all other creatures is really the one who has found the truth.

90) Only the noble souls reveal the qualities of ; ever being religious , speaking polite words , keenness for charity , complete faith in a sincere friend, humility towards the guru , serene nature , pious behaviour , being receptive to the good advices, having the knowledge of scriptures and faith in Creator.