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Baldness Home remedy ManeMaddhu

Loosing too much hair or signs of baldness ? Nothing to worry , be cool - nowadays going bald is also a fashion - here in our blog we bring few home remedies which you may try out at your home and reduce baldness. 

Home remedy

  • Grind fenugreek seeds with water and apply on the head.. Leave it for atleast 40 minutes and wash it. Do it every morning for 30 days
  • Eat a handful of white sesame seeds in the morning
  • Apply mixture of lettuce and spinach juice regularly on head to prevent hair loss
  • Drink juice of lettuce or carrots regularly
  • Boil one cup of mustard oil with four tablespoon heena leaves . Filter it and keep it in a glass bottle . Massage gently on bald patches regularly
  • Apply paste made from seeds of lemon and black pepper in water to affected areas, wash with water if it causes skin irritation . This stimulates hair growth

  • Include plenty of iron and protein in your diet
  • Also take mineral supplements like calcium , magnesium , zinc
  • Massage regularly
  • If possible do not use hair dryer
  • Practice meditation for reducing stress and tension
  • Include milk, yogurt, soya and cheese in your daily diet.
  • Go for a hair trim regularly !
  • Do not pull off your hair with a brush or comb when it is wet
  • Avoid using hair dyes and treatment to perm or straighten your hair
  • Avoid excess intake of Iron , copper and Iodine.

Disclaimer :  Always seek advice of your physician or qualified health professionals before taking any new treatment. This information is not a substitute for professional medical advise.