Cough home remedy ManeMaddhu

In this post , we bring out some home remedy tips for cough. Next time when you are tired of coughing think of trying these simple methods at home and be relieved. 

Home Remedy

  • Take 2-3 cloves fried in ghee and suck
  • For dry cough , eat a ripe banana with one teaspoon of honey and two pinches of ground black pepper - twice or thrice daily
  • Boil one cup of milk with teaspoon turmeric and teaspoon ginger and drink this at night before going to bed. This will relieve cough
  • For productive cough, drink a tea made from half teaspoon ginger powder and a pinch of cinnamon powder in a cupful of boiled water
  • Take honey and lemon which will ease cough and bring healing.
  • For productive cough , mix 1/4 teaspoon of black pepper with one teaspoon of honey and eat it on a full stomach 2-3 times for 3-5 days. 
  • For productive cough , take one teaspoon honey mixed with a pinch of clove powder , three times a day
  • Drink lot of water
  • Include warm drinks such as soup and herbal tea. 
  • Sleeping on extra pillows may help ease a cough at night
  • Avoid smoky or dusty environments
  • Refrain yourself from smoking
  • Avoid soft drinks , candies , ice-cream - products made from sugar and white flour.
  • Avoid tea,coffee,refined and processed foods.
Disclaimer :  Always seek advice of your physician or qualified health professionals before taking any new treatment This information is not a substitute for professional medical advise.