Raddish (Moolangi) Health benefits

Many people seem to not like Raddish !  Some find its odor , its taste allergic. But folks ,  raddish has many benefits. Known as "Moolangi" in our kannada terms - it may be used in daily regular food items in many ways. It has Vitamin A , B and C in good proportions. It's not only tasty but also disease resistance strengths !

When mixed with cereals it may be part of our regular daily Sambar , may be smashed and prepared as chutney , may be mixed with wheat flour for parathas , may be taken as raw in vegetable salads , there are many benefits especially when taken as raw .  In this post we list some of the benefits collected from our sources - 

  • Raw raddish when smashed and taken with Salt and Lime extract is good for reducing cold
  • Mixture of Raddish & Pomegranate juice is good for blood generation for those having deficiency
  • Having red raddish aids to bones strength
  • Applying raddish lime mixture to skin reduces ring worms , itching and skin related problems
  • Regular use of raddish is got for teeth , reduces dental problems and aids to teeth whitening
  • Regular daily use of raw raddish reduces common pains with Eyes , Ears , Throat and Nose
  • Raddish & Salt mixture paste is a good antibody for scorpion bites which not only reduces pain and avoids quick spread poison to other parts of body
  • Juice prepared from Raddish with salt & lime burns fat
  • Raw raddish with salt , a pinch of mirchi powder reduces eye pain, jaundice , Digestion problems
  • Raddish leaves also are very useful & healthy . Its juice extract helps in clearing urine blockage and aids in smooth release ! Just ensure you use choose & filter good leaves.
So friends , a raw raddish a day keeps many ailments away . Do include this in your meal plate and increase your body resistance power.   Do share your ways of using it & having benefited from it.